A Review Of Using Cash App At Bovada Casino

Bovada CasinoThis page covers how to use Cash App at Bovada, including what bonuses are available. Players can use the Bitcoin feature of Cash App and MatchPay at the famous casino gambling site. Once signed up, the Bovada Cash App casino section is basically a collection of all the best parts and sections that in-person casinos have. Some of the notable features that separate Bovada from other Cash App casinos that players can take advantage of are hot drop jackpot slots, easy-to-play table games, and fast-paced live dealer games. Since Bovda accepts Cash App deposits through two different processes, this page will cover everything you need to know about completing both.

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Pros And Cons Of Using Cash App At Bovada Casino

Now that you know the answer to, “Does Bovada accept Cash App”, it is important to look over the pros and cons of using the payment service at the online casino. Players get instant deposits with no fees when using Cash App’s Bitcoin function and are eligible for the largest bonuses when using the cryptocurrency. A full list of the advantages of using Cash App at Bovada is below:

Pros For Using Cash App At Bovada

  • Instant deposits
  • No fees on deposits or withdrawals
  • Easy to use MatchPay or make Bitcoin deposits
  • Bitcoin bonus is worth up to $3,750 on first three deposits
  • MatchPay and Bitcoin transactions take 24 hours or less
  • Unlimited withdrawals

Cons For Using Cash App At Bovada

  • No bonuses for MatchPay users
  • MatchPay transaction speeds dependent on the speed of a match

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How To Deposit With Cash App At Bovada Casino

  • How To Deposit With Bitcoin Using Cash App At Bovada Casino: Bovada allows players to deposit between $10 and $5,000 with no fees when using Cash App’s Bitcoin feature. The process to deposit is simple. First, players create an account at Bovada. Then they must select Bitcoin as the deposit method and copy Bovada’s BTC receiver address. Next, players must buy the Bitcoin in Cash App and paste the Bovada address that they just copied. Finally, players hit send and wait about 15 minutes and they can hit the Bovada casino.
  • How To Deposit Using MatchPay With Cash App At Bovada Casino: MatchPay is a very easy way for Cash App gamblers to deposit between $20 and $1,000 into the casino at Bovada. Players first must create a Bovada account and then a MatchPay account by selecting the method as the chosen deposit method. After that, players must create an order that dictates how much they would like to deposit and what payment processor they want to use (Cash App). The program then does the work for you, as MatchPay finds someone who is withdrawing a similar amount with Cash App and you effectively buy their credits from them.

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Does The Casino At Bovada Offer New Player Bonuses?

The casino bonus at Bovada for Cash App is only available for players who are using the app’s Bitcoin option. New players that do so receive one of the best Cash App casino bonuses in the US in the form of a 125% deposit match that’s worth up to $1,250. The first version of this Cash App casino promotion is best and should be taken advantage of, as Bovada attaches a low 25X rollover to the bonus funds. That is the lowest rollover for any Cash App casino bonus in the US. Bovada then attaches a 50X rollover on the next two deposits, which is the industry standard.

Same Day Payouts At Bovada Casino Via Cash App

  • Payouts At Bovada With Cash App For Bitcoin: When looking for how to use Cash App at Bovada and the limits set in place by the casino, you will learn that there is no max but a $10 minimum when utilizing Bitcoin for withdrawals. If a player wants to withdraw more than $9,500 after a big win in the casino, they will receive weekly payments from Bovada until the totality of the win is paid out. To get a payout with Bitcoin using Cash App from Bovada, players need to copy their BTC receiver URL from their Cash App account and paste it where Bovada indicates to send the funds. Then, players input the amount they would like to withdraw and send the funds. Bitcoin payouts using Cash App at Bovada take 48 hours or less and are free.
  • Payouts At Bovada With Cash App Using MatchPay: MatchPay payouts from the casino at Bovada using MatchPay are free and have a range of $20 to $1,000. Players may make a MatchPay withdrawal once every two days. To start the payout process with Cash App at Bovada, players need to select it as a payout option and sign in to their MatchPay account. Then, they need to input how much they’d like to withdraw and their desired payment processor (select Cash App or any other processor you have). From there, the MatchPay program sorts through potential matches until it finds a depositor who effectively buys the outgoing credit from you. The speed of Cash App MatchPay withdrawals at Bovada can vary, but it typically takes less than 24 hours. There are no fees for withdrawing with Cash App via MatchPay at Bovada.

Is It Legal To Use Cash App At Bovada Casino?

Yes, it is legal to use Cash App to deposit and withdraw from the casino at Bovada. Bovada has been a trusted source for online casino gameplay in the US for over a decade, with no player having been arrested or charged when gambling with Cash App or any other deposit method. The site is legal through the Free Trade Agreement and will continue to be one of the highest-rated options in all states with Cash App casinos for the foreseeable future.

What Other Online Casinos Accept Cash App?

There are a few other trusted online casinos that accept Cash App available to US players. While you may be familiar with commercial casino apps like DraftKings and FanDuel, these sites do not take Cash App deposits. They are also only offered in a handful of states. The best Cash App casinos outside of Bovada are below: